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Copy Microsoft SQL Server Database

Copy Database utility allows users to create a copy of all or selected tables into another database or even at another database server. It can make a copy of the table definition as well as to copy data rows.

This handy utility helps advanced users, developers or database administrators (DBA) to create a second copy of a database quick and easy.

Copy Database tool screenshot

Key Software Product Features

  • Easy to learn and use wizard interface.
  • Supports connection by ODBC Data Source Name or by server name including Express editions.
  • Optional Drop target table option.
  • Creates required indexes for the target table.
  • Creates primary key for the target table.
  • Copies or resets Identity values.
  • Copies text and image data (by Professional version only).
  • Supports project files that suitable to reuse copy database settings.
  • Complete Unicode data support.
  • There are three copy modes: recreate table, append or replace.
  • Command line version that can be integrated with Windows Schedule System (for Professional version only).
  • Built-in and online help.

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