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Q: Can I specify individual (table level) copy properties with this copy tool?
A: No, only copy table tool is suitable for this purpose.
Q: Does this tool copy triggers, stored procedures, foreign keys, etc?
A: No, table structure and data rows only. You should use copy schema tool to copy database schema completely.
Q: I want to copy my database to another type of database, is it possible?
A: We recommend DTM Migration Kit for this purpose.
Q: The tool can't use by ODBC data source. What is wrong?
A: Please be sure that you created 32 bit DSN. The program does not support 64 bit data sources yet.
Q: Can I schedule my copy database process?
A: Yes, with professional edition of the utility. Please create project file with GUI version and use it with command line one. For example, in order to execute a project file today at 10.00, use the following command line: at 10:00 "cpdmsscmd.exe d:\projects\copy_sales_db.prf".
Q: How can I connect to local SQL Express?
A: Please specify .\SQLEXPRESS as a server name. Moreover, SERVER1\SQLEXPRESS means SQL Express at SERVER1.
Q: The program does not recognize project file as command line parameter. What is wrong?
A: You should quote file name that contains space(s). For example: cltmsscmd.exe "d:\projects and data\copy_sales_db.prf"
Q: The program does not copy "image" and "text" columns. What's the problem source?
A: Most possible you've used standard version of the copy database tool. It does not support large objects like 'text', 'ntext' or 'image' due to internal limitation. Please upgrade your copy to professional edition and rerun the project.
Q: Does the price include any support and upgrade period?
A: Yes, 3 months for the Standard and 1 year for Professional edition.
Q: Can I reuse properties of the copy database process?
A: Yes, you should save your properties and options as project file (.prf) and reuse it in the future.
Q: Do your company provide phone support?
A: No, most questions require detailed examination by our staff (QA, developers, etc), so it's impossible to answer you immediately.
Q: Do you have money back option?
A: Yes, we'll back you money in case our copy table tool is not suitable for you and we could not help you.
Q: Do you offer discount for non-profit organization?
A: Yes, please contact our support staff.

If you have encountered some unusual problem that is not listed here, feel free to contact the technical support.

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