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Clone Microsoft SQL Server Table

Clone function allows you to create a copy of the selected table (schema and data) to the same database.

This operation is required in the following case: you want to verify some idea against live (not generated) data. However, you can't modify an existing table: it contains critical data or integrity rule does not allow you to make changes.

This clone utility helps database developers, performance tuners and database administrators create a second copy of a table within seconds. The professional edition of the clone tool is compatible with schedulers.

Clone Table tool for Microsoft SQL Server main window

Key Software Product Features

  • Easy to use wizard interface
  • Copy none, all or selected (by WHERE clause) rows
  • Optional Drop target table
  • Create indexes related with target table
  • Create primary key related with target table
  • Copy or reset Identity values
  • Copy text and image data (for Professional version only)
  • Support project files
  • Command line support (for Professional version only)

Download demo Standard or Professional version.

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