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Product profile

Product profile

Copy Table for SQL Server utility allows the user to create copy of selected table (definition, indexes, primary key and data rows) to another database or even another database server.

This handy utility helps database advanced users, developers and database administrators create a second copy of a table within seconds.

Key product features

  • Easy to use wizard interface.
  • Connect by server name (including SQL EXPRESS editions) or using ODBC data source name.
  • Copy none, all or selected (by WHERE clause) rows.
  • Optional Drop target table.
  • Create indexes related with target table.
  • Unicode data copy support.
  • Custom transaction size.
  • Preview mode for the source and target tables.
  • Copy data from view to table option.
  • Create primary key related with target table.
  • Copy or reset Identity values.
  • Copy text, ntext and image data (for Professional version only).
  • Support project files
  • Three cop modes: recreate, append and replace.
  • Command line support (for Professional version only).
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